Financial Literacy Resources for Teachers

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Accumulated Value of Savings
Accumulated Value of Savings

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide'.)

This interactive helps students to understand the power of accumulated savings and compound interest.

Boiler Room Scam
Boiler Room Scam

(adapted from the 'Fair Play Guide'.)

Learn how to spot a scam artist trying to sell fraudulent stocks. Listen to a recorded phone conversation to hear how an unethical broker keeps his unsuspecting client hooked into the scam.

Case Studies

Careers in Business

Educators in schools today share the responsibility for students' interpersonal learning and career planning. More than ever, it has become critically important for teachers from all disciplines to know and understand the changing nature of work, to outline for students the diverse range of career options, and highlight related skills and training programs. This resource page has been developed with the specific aim to support you, the classroom teacher, in learning more about the opportunities available to your students in the field of business. With these supports, it is hoped that you will encourage your students to learn about the kinds of business related opportunities available to them.

Consumer Protection Resource Kit

In an effort to encourage students to become more astute consumers, the Ontario government has produced a free teaching resource for all secondary school teachers to use in their classrooms. Many of the activities in the package can be adapted to the junior and intermediate level. Below is an outline of the topics covered in their resource package.

What topics are covered?

Module 1.

The Business Practices Act - consumer rights and responsibilities

Module 2.

To purchase or not to purchase - contracts, impulse buying, sales and bargains

Module 3.

Feeding the piggy bank - budgeting, credit and debit cards, collection agencies, credit repair

Module 4.

When you want your money back - refunds, exchanges and warranties

Module 5.

Navigating roadblocks on the information highway - protecting your rights online

Module 6.

Knock Knock. Who's there? - door-to-door sales, unsolicited goods, canceling contracts

Module 7.

In need. Indeed - loan brokers and telemarketing fraud

Module 8.

Exercising your rights - prepaying for services such as fitness and modeling contracts

Note: Click on this link to order your personal copy of the Consumer Protection Resource:

Debate Forum
Financial Jeopardy

This tool provides an opportunity for students to think critically about issues and concepts they are working with in a given course of study. Partners share one computer terminal and are asked to type opinions and ideas into the template provided. Suggested topics and background reading are provided. Teachers and students are also encouraged to develop and submit their own questions and controversial statements for use in this debate forum.

General Business Topics

Dynamic Graphing
Financial Jeopardy

Use this Dynamic Graph to enter data into either a pie, line or bar graph and have students print them out to compare results.

Exploring Cheques
Financial Jeopardy

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

This interactive will support an understanding of how cheques can be used. Geared to the intermediate level, this learning tool allows students to identify the features of cheques and to investigate the role financial institutions play in the transference of funds. Students will also examine the benefits and risks associated with the use of this form of currency.

Financial Jeopardy
Financial Jeopardy

Financial Jeopardy 1

Financial Jeopardy 2

Financial Jeopardy - Credit Cards

We have developed two Financial Jeopardy games for you to play online. The questions are adapted from content in the Investor Education "Fair Play" and "Taking Stock In Your Future" -Intermediate and Senior curriculum documents.

Available for download is this Jeopardy resource from
This program can be customized and used with your class.

Financial Formula Builder
Financial Jeopardy

Beginner's Formula Builder

Advanced Formula Builder

Designed to assist the learner in both recognizing and actively constructing financial formulas, this tool provides an opportunity for students to reinforce knowledge and recognition of core elements needed in financial math.

Fraud Bingo
Fraud Bingo

Fraud Bingo

Play bingo and answer the questions to see if you can spot a fraud.

History of Money
History of Money

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

Take students on a tour around the world to learn about the development of money from coin to credit card. For intermediate and senior students this could lead to some fun discussion and activities relating to the topic of inflation.

Lesson Plan

Teacher's Lesson Plan

Student Handout

How Do Stock Markets Work?
How Stock Markets Work

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

'How Stock Markets Work?' is a straight forward explanation of the stock market from placing an order to the purchase.

How to Read a Stock Page
How to Read a Stock Page

Flash File:

HTML file:

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

'How to Read a Stock Page' interprets the symbols found in a stock listing from the newspaper.

Investor Education Fund

Investor Education Fund - Teachers' Corner

Click here to hear an interview with Paul Bates, former OSC Commissioner, talk about the OSC and the IE Fund.

Lessons for Supply Teachers

Cyber Scams
In this activity, students will complete an activity that allows them to learn more about scams on the Internet.

Scavenger Hunt

In this activity, students are asked to learn more about the Investor Education website. They will also be learning more about their own vulnerability to fraud.

Personal Money Management

Online resources for personal budgeting and finance

Saving and Budgeting
Saving and Budgeting

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

This Flash presentation gives an overview of saving and budgeting. There is also a printable file for students to complete to help them develop strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Sales and Discounts
Sales and Discounts

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

This interactive provides an opportunity for students to learn how sales and discounts can save them money. By using the internet to research the cost of items for a disaster relief kit, students have the chance to practice shopping within a budget. Students may want to apply the skills they have acquired by initiating fundraising activities within their school to purchase these items for those in need.

Stock Market Challenges

In an effort to bring real-world investing experience into elementary and secondary classrooms, educators in Ontario today have been searching out activities that both engage and immerse students in financial realities. Many teachers are using stock market challenges to assist their students in understanding the principles of investment.

Creating An Investment Portfolio

"Creating an Investment Portfolio" is a project-based co-operative unit where students work in small groups to build and present an investment portfolio for a fictional client. In order to achieve this goal, a series of lessons and activities have been created to support both teachers and their students through each of the stages of this learning process. Click on the link below to access all of the materials.

Creating an Investment Portfolio

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Senior Guide')

You can view the entire unit online, print lessons from the website or print the entire package in PDF format from the links below. The Teacher Package contains all handouts for the students as well as teaching tips and exemplars.

Teacher Package pdf (2.01 Mb)

Student Package pdf (1.77 Mb)

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Taxes and Tips
Taxes and Tips

(adapted from the 'Taking Stock in Your Future Intermediate Guide')

Learn about taxes and tips from other students in this interactive and then practice the calculations in this online restaurant.

Videos from the Business Classroom

Web Resources for Business Teachers