Associate Dean's Message

Message from Dr. Margaret McNay

Associate Dean, Teacher Education

Teachers, it has been said, affect eternity; through their students they touch the future.
Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Western. If you think you may be called to teach, if you have a passion for young people and helping them learn, or if you want to be involved in education in some other way, then finding the right degree program in education is one of the most important steps in your career.

What Makes a Good Teacher?  We here at Western have thought carefully about what makes a good teacher. We know personal qualities are important -- enthusiasm, open-mindedness, empathy, creativity -- as well as respect for young people, care for their well-being, and a belief that all are able to learn. We expect you to bring these and other qualities with you. They are qualities, however, that one might expect to see in any professional person. What will eventually set you apart as a teacher lies beyond personal characteristics, beyond even your love of learning and your passion for a particular subject area. A teacher has specialized knowledge -- about students, schools, curriculum, how people learn, the education system, and so on -- and specialized pedagogical skills. These will form much of the focus of your program here in the Faculty of Education.

For further thoughts on what makes a good teacher and on how to discern whether or not teaching is right for you—and you for teaching, see my teaching articles.

About the Program: Your classes will include large and small group formats, independent and group work, presentation and performance tasks, on-line participation, and work with educational technologies. You will spend 100 days in practicum placements in Ontario schools and additional time in community learning, service learning, or alternative practica in local, national, or international settings. All-in-all, Western's Faculty of Education offers an outstanding program taught by experienced, award-winning instructors.

I am delighted you are considering the Faculty of Education at Western as the next step in your pursuit of a career in education. We will do all we can to support you towards your goal.

Margaret McNay
Associate Dean