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The Faculty of Education at Western is deeply committed to ensuring the preparation of teachers who represent the diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences in the communities they will serve. To realize this commitment, we have adopted an application process that welcomes and respects difference. We invite all applicants to articulate how your knowledge, skills, and experiences of all kinds have contributed to who you are today, and how those experiences will contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of the students that you will serve as future teachers – and through that service, to the communities in which you will live and practice.

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Part 1

What do you believe the core mission of education to be?

How did your own experience of education to date live up to this ideal (or not)?

Part 2

Identify two experiences (one personal, and one work/volunteer related) from your life.

Describe how those experiences have helped prepare you to serve the learning and well-being of your future students.

In what ways did these experiences require you to think critically, promote justice, or transform your practice?

Part 3

What else would you like the selection committee to know about you, that may persuade them that you are a candidate prepared to enter a profession that requires abiding by professional standards through a commitment to all students?


Inquiries about this data collection should be addressed to Teacher Education, 519 661-2093,
Western Education, Western University
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