Articles for Prospective Teachers

Margaret McNay, Associate Dean of Teacher Education, is a passionate advocate for teacher education and has assembled these PDF articles that might help you discover characteristics in yourself that suit the teaching profession. Browse the documents below for an in depth look at what it takes to be a successful teacher.

Why Teach?

Teaching is a noble, even sacred, profession—and helping others to learn is one of the greatest gifts one can share.

What Makes a Good Teacher?

The relationship . . . with the class, the students, and the extended family of the classroom . . . parents, other staff, even custodial or secretarial staff can help develop a good teacher. A good teacher is a community builder.

Essential Teacher Skills and Abilities

Faculties of Education are responsible to society for providing programs of study that offer Teacher Candidates opportunity to acquire the knowledge, understandings, and skills needed to teach in Ontario schools, and to develop the attributes, attitudes, and behaviours of professional educators.

Teacher Attributes

Becoming a teacher requires knowledge, skills, and the qualities of a caring and professional person. Knowledge and skills can be learned during the teacher education program but the personal attributes required of good teachers must already be part of your character when you enter a Faculty of Education.