BEd Admission Requirements

Minimum Academic Requirements for Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, and Intermediate-Senior Programs, September 2018 Entry:

  1. For admission in September 2018, you must be on track to complete your program of study from an acceptable undergraduate degree program at an accredited university by August 31, 2018. The degree must be conferred no later than the Fall of 2018.
  2. You must have successfully completed the equivalent of 10 full university credits at the time of application. Transfer credits from community colleges and CEGEP courses cannot be considered. Preference is given to applicants who have attained four-year degrees with the equivalent of 20 full credits.
  3. You must have a minimum average of 70% in your best 10 full or equivalent undergraduate courses. As well, if you are applying to the Junior-Intermediate or Intermediate-Senior programs you must also have a minimum average of 70% in those courses which support your teaching subjects. Courses taken after August 2017 cannot be included in the calculation of the overall and teaching subject averages, but will be counted in support of program requirements. List these and other courses which will be completed to meet final degree requirements in the TEAS application form.
  4. In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, you must also meet your program stream requirements.
    1. Primary Junior
    2. Junior Intermediate
    3. Intermediate Senior

Guaranteed Admission

Western offers three programs which guarantee admission to the Faculty of Education:

  1. Catholic Studies for Teachers
  2. Bachelor of Music with Honours in Music Education
  3. Bresica University College - French

Special Consideration Profile

The Special Consideration Profile (Word) provides an opportunity for applicants to report extenuating circumstances that may have adversely affected their academic record. The Profile and supporting documentation must be received by the Teacher Education Office by the application deadline.


Applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements will not be admitted. If you believe an error has been made in the evaluation of your application, you may submit an appeal using the form available here (PDF). Appeals for 2018 admission are due by March 31, 2018.


Offers of admission will be made online via the Student Center ( on March 1. Access to the Student Center requires the activation of your Western identity. Account activation instructions are available here (PDF).