Why Us?

Why Our Program?

Western’s two year, four-term Bachelor of Education program offers a unique combination of course work, specializations, practica, and alternative field placements to prepare new teachers for enriching careers in the field of education. We seek to cultivate the habits of mind, hand, and heart—the knowledge, skills, and attitudes—that enable teachers to exercise wise judgment in the interests of their students; and we seek to encourage leadership potential. If you want to make a difference—in the lives of children and youth, in the field of education, in local, national, or international settings—we have the program for you.

1. Focus on Professional Competencies

Western's BEd, with its pass/fail (rather than numerical grading) system, enables you to focus on the development of the professional competencies needed to make a seamless transition from the BEd into your teaching practice. allowing you to develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies needed to become capable professionals. (Learn more at https://www.edu.uwo.ca/news-events/2019/updating-teacher-education-program.html.)

2. Customize Your Degree by Choosing a Specialty

Your Western BEd includes your choice of a specialty area—a focus on one of several areas of current need in education: International Education, Early Childhood Education, Urban Education, French (Elementary or Secondary), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Achievement, Inclusion, and Mental Health. Your choice of one of these areas is added value for your degree.

3. Equal Field and Classroom Time

Western Teacher Candidates spend as much time on practicum and alternative field experiences—100 days and 35 days respectively—as on course work. Both on-campus and practicum/field experiences provide many and varied opportunities for acquiring knowledge, developing skills, and advancing towards your career goals.

4. International Opportunities

The Faculty of Education is home to an International Education Office which is developing a variety of international opportunities for Teacher Candidates. Service learning, classroom teaching, and other activities in international settings can form an integral part of your BEd degree and add a unique, enriching, even life-changing experience to your program.

5. Options After Graduation

Your BEd qualifies you for an Ontario Teaching Certificate, recognized across Canada and internationally. Many of our alumni have gone on to work in a range of fields in addition to public education—social services, corporate training, curriculum development, and more. See a longer list of possibilities on the main page of the BEd website under Career Possibilities.


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