Research Handbook - Graduate Student Researchers

This student research handbook applies most directly to the PhD & MA programs. However, students in other programs may find the resources listed here useful for their research as well.

Faculty of Education Research Office

The Supervisor-Graduate Student Relationship

Scholarship & Funding Opportunities

Obtaining Ethics Approval for Research with Human Participants

Standardized Tests for Research

  • The Faculty of Education has a Test Library. The Library holdings include a variety of standardized Psychological Tests for use for research and educational purposes. Please contact the Research Office to inquire about test availability.

Data Collection and Protection (Encryption)

Analyzing Research Data

  • Data Analytics Help Service  - through Western Libraries - statistical consulting for research; drop-in help with learning or teaching statistics or research methods courses 
  • Dedoose, although not free, is a reasonably priced cross-platform application for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data and other data.
  • The Faculty of Education has data analysis programs installed on several computers in the building.

Mobilizing the Knowledge from your Research

Academic & Research-Related Positions