Poster Printing Services

Instructions on how to create a large poster using PowerPoint (PDF).

There are 2 poster printing services On-Campus:

  • The Pathology Department in the Schulich School of Medicine offers large format poster printing for scientific poster presentations. (Information updated January 2013).

    Kathilyn Allewell, Media Specialist
    - $6.00 per sq. ft. - no tax
    - maximum width 44" by any length
    - Turnaround time 1-2 days
    - Files accepted: ppt 2003, pptx 2010, pdf, ai CS5, psd CS5, cdr 14
    Location: Department of Pathology, Room 4013, Dental Sciences Building
    Web site:
  • The Faculty of Science (Information updated January 2013).

    Ian Craig, Digital Imaging Specialist
    B&G Building Room 2026
    - the cost is $7.00/sq ft. A 3' x 4' poster would be $84.00
    - in by 10 out by 4 (or less, with advanced notice and no issues with poster file - contact for more information)
    - other imaging services available include poster creation (InDesign), photographic corrections (Photoshop), vector imaging (Illustrator).
    Location: Department of Biology, Room 2026, Biology & Geology Building


  • Mercury Blueprinting (Information updated January 2013.)

    - 32"X44" poster cost = $40.00. Laminating is also available at $2 per sq. ft. New paper stock is available at a lower cost than quoted below.
    - usually fast turnaround (contact for more information)

    Mercury Blueprinting Inc.
    344 Wellington Street
    London, Ontario N6A 3N8
    Phone: 519-434-4502
    Web site: