Recent Publications

Kelly-Ann MacAlpine studies how human and non-human relationships affect the development of children

With particular attention to early childhood education, my area of interest focuses on exploring how complicated human and non-human relationships affect how children develop an emerging understanding of the world around. This article explores the interplay of alternative perspectives in a critical look at Ontario, Canada’s newly released policy document Growing Success, The Kindergarten Addendum: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2016).

Wei Wei explores the introduction of professional standards for principals in China

I am a PhD candidate in the Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies stream. Using policy borrowing as an analytical framework, this study explores the introduction of the Professional Standards for Principals (Ministry of Education of the PRC, 2013) in China. Internationally, this study elaborates on the global leadership discourses that are evident in both leadership standards across jurisdictions and documents from international organizations. Nationally, it illustrates the ways in which the Chinese leadership standards have responded to this global policy convergence based on its local contexts.

Claire Crooks examines the effectiveness of culturally-relevant programming for Indigenous youth

Although there is increasing interest in strength-based, culturally relevant programming for Indigenous youth, there are relatively few published evaluations. In this study my team followed an entire cohort of Indigenous students for a two year period and conducted surveys and interviews and collected official school data. Our results showed that youth who participated in two years of our culturally-relevant mentoring program reported improved positive mental health, increased cultural connectedness, and better credit accumulation compared to their peers. This study demonstrated the effectiveness of culturally-relevant programming social, emotional and academic outcomes.

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw investigates common world relations of children with places, materials and other species

My current research, within the Common World Childhoods Research Collective, traces the common world relations of children with places, materials, and other species. I currently direct two SSHRC-funded projects: SSHRC Insight - Transforming Waste Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education (2017-2021) and SSHRC PDG - Exploring Climate Change Pedagogies with Children (2017-2021).