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Volume 2, Issue 2 - Winter 2014 

Faculty of Education Building

Western University's Faculty of Education would like to extend a warm welcome to two new researchers and faculty members, Melody Viczko and Gus Riveros.

Melody Viczko

Melody Viczko

As many post-secondary institutions continue to embark upon internationalization, the Faculty of Education welcomes Melody Viczko, whose current research is in the area of education policy networks with a particular interest in the internationalization of higher education.  Viczko, Assistant Professor in the area of Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies, comes to Western from the University of Alberta. As far as Viczko is concerned, internationalization is here to stay. With economies globalized, governments are beginning to see the value of connecting on other levels, such as education.  Through her research, she aims to raise the awareness of internationalization on a broad scale so that a critical scale can be developed to obtain an understanding of international education, and, in turn, ensure that the policies applied to higher education are beneficial.  More specifically, she examines how education policies affect those involved and how different levels of government and various national-level organizations in Canada work together to produce and enact new and existing policies.  Her research interest encompasses policies focused on international research collaborations, partnership agreements, and international students attending programs in Canada as well as Canadians visiting other countries. Her other research interests include a socio-material approach to exploring how teachers enact professional learning policies in their classrooms. 

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Gus Riveros

Gus Riveros

What explains the different ways that a single policy is put in practice in different schools? This phenomenon is one of the research interests of Dr. Augusto Riveros, who has recently joined Western’s Faculty of Education as an Assistant Professor.  He brings to the faculty a wealth of knowledge in the areas of educational administration, leadership, policy, and philosophy. Dr. Riveros looks at the way policies are re-conceptualized, adapted, or translated in schools. To make sense of the diverse ways in which school actors enact policy, he has proposed some conceptual tools, based on the notion of embodiment, that provide a framework to understand policy enactments. His work as an educator and as an administrator in both elementary and secondary schools has provided him with practical, and professional experience to fuel his passion for this research. 

Overall, Dr. Riveros anticipates that his work will provide insight into the ways school actors translate policies into practices. His research aims to challenge traditional linear and hierarchal conceptualizations of policy processes.

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