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"Designing Knowledge Mobilization Plans: A Guide for Research and Grant Applications" 

This knowledge mobilization (KM) workshop (held in September 2012) explored how to incorporate KM into your research plan – a critical component that is required by many grant applications. It showed how to create an effective KM plan that will not only help you write a stronger grant application but will also benefit your research and your dissemination of it to stakeholders.
  • To download the video and slides from the workshop, please visit this link:
    Download video ( This video is a large file and can take several minutes to download and play.)
  • You can access the handouts from the workshop here:

Knowledge Mobilization Tip Sheet

Worksheets, Sample Budget, and Sample KM Activities

Building Knowledge Mobilization Plans - Summary Sheets

If you would like more information about knowledge mobilization and how to incorporate KM activities into your research plans, please contact Dr. Katina Pollock.