5 ways to get connected!

September 04, 2013

5 Tips to get connected!

One of the best ways to get off to a good start and make the most of your learning experience this year is to connect with the Faculty’s news, event, information, and social platforms. Doing so will keep you informed for your academic well-being and allow you to enrich the Western Education community by participating in events as an attendee, host, and thought leader.

Follow these five steps, and you'll be well-positioned to benefit from the content available at your fingertips.

Tip 1: Bookmark the Western Education Homepage

The homepage is your home base! It pulls together the latest news, events, and important dates, and is a springboard to our internal events calendar and social platforms (see below). Like the front page of a newspaper, it previews some of the fresh material inside so you may find the content that’s most relevant to you.

Keep in mind that not all important dates are listed, and it is always wise to double-check your program dates for accuracy. With frequent updates highlighting the best of Western Education, this page deserves a bookmark!

Tip 2: Discover the Internal Events Calendar

This simple calendar aggregates all Faculty events on a single page and is an excellent resource for planning your activities. To access the calendar, click on the calendar icon on the right-hand side of the homepage, or click on one of the events listed under Upcoming Events. Find event details by clicking on an item in the calendar.

Faculty Events Calendar

Western Events Calendar

Tip 3: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Keep your finger on the pulse of the Faculty’s breaking news, events, and need-to-know information by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Like us, re-tweet, share and engage as part of the Western Education community in London and around the world! Be sure to check out our LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube pages too. Access our social media accounts by clicking on the right-hand homepage icons or links at the bottom of the page.

Tip 4: Get to know your Program Blogs and Websites

Some programs use blogs and program websites for communicating with students. The teachercandidate blog is a popular platform in the Pre-service Program and the Professional Programs will soon have a dedicated page on Professional Learning in Education. “Follow” the blogs available to you and get connected!

The Teacher Candidate Blog

Professional Learning In Education

Tip 5: Check the Lobby Screen

The TV Screen located in the Faculty of Education lobby broadcasts the Faculty homepage for easy reference. Make it part of your routine to glance at the important date list, upcoming events, and featured news stories and visit the website to learn more. On certain event days in the Faculty the TV screen will display artwork and details to guide attendees.

To learn more about staying connected or using these platforms for sharing your own news and events, please contact Brian Bazett, Communications and Marketing Officer.

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