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Systems of Equations

Use the activity below to explore the relationship between the candies/nuts mixture problem:

A grocer wants to create a 20 kg mixture of candies and nuts that sells for $10.50/kg. How many kilograms of each should he use if the candies sell for $8.50/kg and the nuts sell for $13.50/kg?

and a system of linear equations in two variables:

C + N = 20

8.50C + 13.50N = 10.50(20)

  • Move the mixture weight slider.
  • Notice how the problem statement and the linear system change.
  • Also, notice how the graph and the solution change.
  • Move the cost of candies slider. Notice the changes.
  • Move the cost of nuts slider. Notice the changes.
  • What part of the problem does the first equation represent?
  • What part of the problem does the second equation represent?

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