Other Math Contests

Caribou Mathematics@Brock Competition

  • http://www.brocku.ca/caribou
  • We are planning our next contests for grade 5/6 in mid October, and our second grade 3/4 contest mid November. These contests are to be Ontario wide..
  • Held at least once per year.
  • Available to all interested students.
  • The contest will be conducted online, and will be provided in both English and French.


Imagine This ... and you might make it happen

James Blunt ... sings about Triangle on Sesame Street

Flatland ... have you seen Parallel Lines, the Movie? ... discover the perils of ignoring the spherical geometry right under your feet

Flatland excerpt v.2 ... from Brazil

I'm a Mathematician ... and you are one too!

I Am Too v.1 ... more than just a square

I Am Too v.2 & 3 ... in a classroom ... and by Matheatre

Help Me Fermi ... measure the impossible

I See It! It's Invisible! ... nurture your math imagination

L-patterns ... discover odd numbers hiding in squares


The Case of the Mismatched Socks ... when you end up with mismatched socks after doing laundry, are you unlucky or is there something mathematical going on?

The Camels ... from Instituto de Matematica e Arte, São Paulo, Brazil ... in Portuguese with English subitles

The Pearls ... from Instituto de Matematica e Arte, São Paulo, Brazil ... in Portuguese with English subitles

Positive About Negatives... two wrongs don't make a right but two positives might make a positive

Odd Couple ... the romantic adventures of the Acute Angle and the fraction One-half

Fraction Friends ... loneliness in Fractionville

Math Sets ... why not join a bigger set?

The Waiter ... and the missing change

The Problem of the Camels ... what's a fair solution?

Playing with Dimensions ... how many dimensions are too many, or not enough?

Math Stories

A Serpent with Corners ... based on a story by Lewis Carroll

Waiting for the Bus ... based on a problem posed by J.A. Paulos.

Lost Socks ... see also The Case of the Mismatched Socks, under Drama, above

Scruffy's New Home ... building a pen for a new puppy



The Scandal About Pi ... has Pi lost her mind?

The Circle ... it's well-rounded

Why Carpenters Love Triangles ... and so should you

A Real Square ... and happy to be one

Math Performance

Molly Peacock ... reads her new poem, Math Lust, and talks about math and poetry

William Higginson (Queen's) ... on aesthetics and the math of paper folding

Susan Gerofsky (UBC) ... on math performance

Neirelise Buske (Brazil) ... on origami and math and the arts (Portuguese)

Sadie Bowman & Marc Gutman (Matheatre) ... Calculus: The Musical!


National Film Board of Canada

Making 10 ... the beauty of algebra





The Math Performance Festival is funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, the Fields Institute, the Faculty of Education at UWO , and the Canadian Mathematical Society. A project by George Gadanidis (UWO), Susan Gerofsky (UBC), and Rick Jardine (UWO).