Susan Aglukark Susan Aglukark's Top 3

Susan Aglukark, singer/songwriter, 3-time Juno Award recipient, 2005 Officer of the Order of Canada award.
"Looks like a lot of fun was had by all."

Tracy Bone Tracy Bone's Top 3

Tracy Bone, singer, songwriter, "Best Female Artist" of the 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.
"It was so much fun and educational to watch the videos."

Douglas Coupland Douglas Coupland's Top 3

Douglas Coupland, playwright, filmmaker, visual artist, author of bestselling jPod.
"What a delightful group of students and teachers."


1. Poly gone

"Very well performed; I was educated while being entertained."

2. Fractions

"A wonderful fearless effort! Again, educational; thumbs up!"

3. Divine division

"A nice piece that leaves one to look at numbers in a whole new light."


1. Fabulous fractions

2. Shape idol
3. Square base pyramid


1. Measuring the millimetres toyou

2. The big scary math test
12. Fractions


1. Pointacula

"Great costumes! Well rehearsed. Good job!"

2. Are you smarter than a 4th grader?

"Well written and captured the energy of game shows."

3. Fabulous fractions

"Terrific special effects and stop-frame motion."


1. Measuring the millimetres to you

"Lovely folk performance and surprisingly touching. Good wit. Nice harmonizing. The audience loved it!"

2. Divine division

"Really touched on something elemental here."

3. Being even is great

"Well thought out. Nicely done. Can't wait to see their prime number performance."

Bob HallettBob Hallett's Top 3

Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea, latest album: Fortune's Favour.

Jay Ingram Jay Ingram's Top 3

Jay Ingram, award-winning co-host & producer of DailyPlanet, Discovery Channel.

Math Community's Top 3



1. Geometrical Idol
2. Triangles
3. Math healing wishes for Kyla


1. Dividing by zero
2. Algebra
3. Hit the road math


1. Fabulous fractions


2. 2D land
3. Little Quad's Quest


1. Building a geometric sculpture
2. The big scary math test
3. Place value change


1. Shape songs
2. Shape idol
3. Grade 5 math art


1. Measuring the millimetres toyou

2. Mathematicians
3. Fraction action

2007-8 Festival Finalists

1. Poly gone
2. Geometrical Idol
3. Shape songs
4. Triangles
5. Little Quad's Quest
6. Math healing wishes for Kyla
7. Math facts show
8. 2D land
9. We are the polygons
10. Fabulous fractions
11. Sphere on the loose
12. Radius & diameter
13. Square trial
14. Pointacula
15. Equivalent fractions
16. Shape idol
17. Square base pyramid
18. Who hurt Mr. Square?
19. Are you smarter than a 4th grader?
20. Ricky's metre chocolate bar
21. Grade 5 math art
22. Fractiontastic


2007-8 Festival Finalists

1. Hit the road math
2. Measuring the millimetres to you
3. Algebra
4. To divide or not to divide
5. Divine division
6. The big scary math test
7. Math is love
8. Building a geometric sculpture
9. Dividing by zero
10. Being even is great
11. Place value change
12. Fractions
13. Circle
14. Mathematicians
15. Circumference gets hugged
16. Sum of our parts
17. These are the shapes I know
18. Place value
19. Fraction action
20. Probability nights
21. Fractions, baby
22. Slice of pi






The Math Performance Festival is funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, the Fields Institute, the Faculty of Education at UWO , and the Canadian Mathematical Society. A project by George Gadanidis (UWO), Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil), Susan Gerofsky (UBC), and Rick Jardine (UWO).