A celebration of mathematics!

Share your math performances with other students and teachers across Canada.

The adjudication committee includes:

Susan Aglukark Susan Aglukark, singer/songwriter, 3-time Juno Award recipient, 2005 Officer of the Order of Canada award.
Tracy Bone Tracy Bone, singer, songwriter, "Best Female Artist" of the 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.
Tracy Bone J.C. Campbell, singer, songwriter, 2009 APC Music Awards nominee.
Douglas Coupland Douglas Coupland, playwright, filmmaker, visual artist, author of bestselling jPod.
Ubi D'Ambrosio, Brazilian mathematician/philosopher,
Founder of Ethnomathematics,
2005 Felix Klein Medal award
Bob Hallett Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea, latest album: The Hard and the Easy.
Jay Ingram Jay Ingram, award-winning co-host and producer of DailyPlanet (Discovery Channel).
Tracy Bone Penn Kemp, UWO's Writer-in-Residence, poet, performer and playwright.

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All submissions are reviewed before they become publicly available on our website.

How to submit

2 easy ways to share performances:

  1. use our submissions form, OR
  2. publish your performance on your school website and email the url to George Gadanidis at ggadanid@uwo.ca

DEADLINE: end of June

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more about the contest
criteria and prizes!