Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning 101

NSEW (song)

(Sung to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star’)

Dot, dot, dot,
What can happen from one dot?
If you know what,
Better say not.

Tell me how
We can build a half pipe
It is easy,
Start with one dot

From first dot
Take 4 steps west,
1 step to the North
And we have the second dot

See what it takes
To build half pike
To slide on the moon crescent
Jump to the sky?

From 2nd dot
Take 4 steps west
2 steps north
And we have the 3rd dot.

When math is your friend
All that you need is paper,
Pattern, intersections, and
Collection of dots

From the 3rd dot
Take 4 steps west
3 steps north
And we have 4th dot.

Connect the dots
What do you see?
It the magic path
For skate-board-ing

Dot, dot, dot,
Collection of dots
We built half pike from a pa-ra-bo-la 

For me and my friends’ sake