The Math Performance Festival is adjudicated by the celebrity judges listed above, along with a committee of mathematics & science educators and mathematicians.


"Thanks so much for providing an opportunity to showcase math work on your nifty website.  Math Rocks and it's great to spread the word."

"At our school assembly today we shared our two winning projects with the approximately 600 girls at our JK - Grade 12 school.  The feedback was fantastic.  Thank you for helping to inspire our students to enjoy math as a performance activity."

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A world without numbers (MITACS)

Top Math choice



Eating Plastic (gr. 3/4)

Top Science choice






Students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, receive their medals for their math performance






Students at Dunrankin Drive Public School receive their medals for Shapes Song




Students at St. Andrews Public School celebrate their medals for Eating Plastic



SAMPLES FROM 2010 - see more





See some of the 2010 JUDGES CHOICES

A math surprise - a dance of numbers

The buttons get arrays - area/perimeter animation

Smart addition - mental math tricks in a song

Cedo ou Tarde - cellphone video from Brazil

To infinity and beyond - big ideas in grade 4 (song)

Quadratics with Pete the Pirate - arrgh

Probably probability - a song

Raiders of the lost Algebra - a skit

Math dance - a rhythmic dance

... more

SAMPLES FROM 2009 - see more

Dimensional Yearnings - A dance performed on April 23, 2009 at Eric Hamber Secondary School in Vancouver, which was a collaboration between the dance and math departments. Essentially we were experimenting with motion in 1, 2 and 3 dimensional space. 

17 Counting Stories - Written by High School students.

Ontario Math Olympics - 8 of the songs submitted to the Math Performance Category of the Ontario Math Olympics. 

It's a Math World - Sang by 120 students in conjunction with their 100th day of school activities and as part of their promotion of math in our everyday lives. 

We made 12 - song 1 - A song based on the math of grade 2-3 students read The Doorbell Rang and Stay in Line and explored different ways of making 12.

Chocolate Bar - 2nd and 7th grade students sing songs about their explorations of patterns with odd and even numbers.

(CSI:NY) Cosine Sine Investigators: North York - Follow the sleuths as they uncover math clues.

I'm from circles I can eat - A song by Alderville First Nation children.


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The Math Performance Festival is funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, the Fields Institute, Research Western, the Faculty of Education at UWO, and the Canadian Mathematical Society. A project by George Gadanidis (UWO), Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil), Susan Gerofsky (UBC), and Rick Jardine (UWO).