Song 16 - Big apple, small apple

We read Robin Hood's Dilemma, where Robin Hood has to hit two falling targets, a small apple and a big apple. Does he aim differently for lighter apple? Children dropped two balls of different sizes at the same time from a balcony, to discover which one would hit the ground first. The related story Robin Hood and the Surprise Target was a take-home reading.

Robin Hood’s arrow
Gets pulled down by gravity
Where does he aim
To hit the falling apple?

He always aims
At the centre
Big or small
He hits them all

They thought
The heavier apple
Would hit the ground
But Robin knew better

We did an experiment
Three balls
Different sizes
Fell side-by-side

The balls fell
Trying to
Pass each other

They were rivals
Racing to the ground
But it always ended
In a tie

Heavy and light
They hit the ground
At the same time