2010 Perfomances

Counting Stories

Shriley Dalrymple dicsusses a Counting Stories Project, where students re-write or create a children’s story, fairy tale, nursery rhyme or song so that it includes probability and counting concepts and principles. The mathematics they introduce in the story must connect to the context of the story, and provide opportunities for decision-making on the part of the characters within the story. The mathematics may be complex but students try to keep the story simple. The assessment of this assignment will focus on the mathematics within the story line and the integration of narrative and mathematical forms in the story.

17 Counting Stories

  1. Little Orange Riding Hood
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk
  3. Alice in Wonderland
  4. My Very First Problem Solving Mother Goose
  5. The Tale of the Hood and the Wolf
  6. Lord of the Rings
  7. Puss in Boots
  8. The Gingerbread Man
  9. Lee Meets Lee
  10. Cinderella and her Math Problems
  11. The Wizard of Oz
  12. The Number Devil
  13. Hansel and Gretel
  14. The Math Princess who lay Dormant
  15. The Balloon Tree
  16. Timoteo Donato and the Magical Fountain
  17. The Story of Probabella