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Students as performance mathematicians



Celebrate Mathematics!

New Math Performance Festival and Contest for Grades 4-6 Students and Teachers, and for everyone else too!

Students as Performance Mathematicians research project funded by SSHRC.


What if we take the view (as an elementary school teacher once noted) that mathematics “can be discussed with your family and friends just like you would a favourite book or new movie”?

Such a view – which is rather uncommon in our culture, where mathematical ideas are rarely shared or discussed outside of mathematics classrooms or communities of mathematicians – leads us to consider parallels between the arts and mathematics: between what makes for “a favourite book or movie” and what makes for “a favourite math idea or activity”. It also leads us to look to the performing arts to understand students’ repertoires for organising and expressing the mathematical ideas they seek to communicate to one another and to their worlds outside of the classroom.

The Math Performance Centre seeks to promote and support the celebration of mathematics through the arts.