Stories in School Mathematics: from proofs to productions

Dr. Nathalie Sinclair Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University

Bio: Nathalie Sinclair obtained her doctoral degree at Queen's University, Ontario in 2002. One primary focus of her research has been the nature of mathematical inquiry, with special attention to the role of the aesthetic in the development of mathematical ideas--both individually and historically. This research has included mathematicians at many levels, from middle school students to eminent professionals and has focused on issues such as student motivation and the classroom values related to sociomathematical norms. She is also interested in the use of dynamic visualisation technology in mathematics learning, in subjects such as elementary number theory, geometry and pre-algebra, and has recently begun developing materials based on The Geometer's Sketchpad for "young learners" (in grades 3 - 5). Currently she is a member of the ICMI IPC study on Technology Revisited.