New Literacies-Halves and Wholes: What is Really Important about New Media?

Andrea A diSessa Graduate School of Education University of California, Berkeley, USA

Bio: Andrea diSessa is Chancellor's Professor of Education at the University of California at Berkeley, and a member of the U.S. National Academy of Education. He has a PhD in physics from MIT and an AB also in physics from Princeton University. His research centers on conceptual and experiential knowledge in science learning, and principles for designing comprehensible and usable computer systems. He is the director of the Boxer Computer Environment Project. Boxer is an integrated system that allows non-experts such as students and teachers to perform a broad range of tasks, including programming. Boxer is the basis of ongoing experiments with a deep "computational literacy" in learning mathematics and science in schools. Current research concerns "component architectures" for educational software, conceptual development of the concept of force, and students' intuitive knowledge of "patterns of change and control."

Interests: Technology and education, experiential knowledge and conceptual change in physics, genetic epistemology

Selected Recent Publications