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You need math!

All: We don’t need no education...

Sam: Wait you need math!

All: (roll eyes)

Sam: You guys are mathinizers, mathinizers, mathinizers, mathinizers

All: (roll eyes)

Sam: You spin my shapes...

Chelsea: This is my jam!!!

All: Yeah!

All: You spin my shapes right, right, right round watch them go round watch them go round round, (repeat)

All: My shapes, my shapes, my shapes, my shapes, my shapes, my awesome math shapes, check it out, they drive the teachers crazy we use them on the daily they spin around so nicely rotations are so spicy! Flips, slides, turns, translations, rotations, transformations.

All: I got them math skills pow them chickens jacking my test they trying to copy my answers im n the next one now, Im on 3008 you’re on 2000 you’re late I got that a++ that future A++

All: Oh yeah MATH!