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Chocolate Bar

A song based on the writing of second grade students. Students did the following:

  • Second grade students read the story Who's the Big Bad Wolf?
  • They explored the math in the story (using snap cubes)
  • They practiced telling stories they could share at home about the math experience
  • They drew pictures and wrote to descibe what they learned
  • Their writing was compiled to create three songs
  • Their seventh grade math buddies then came to their class and:
    • The second graders read them the story
    • They explained the math they learned
    • Then they sang their two songs
  • The seventh graders then went to their class and used concrete materials to model and then to write algebraic expresions for the sums of the first N odd, even and Natural numbers.
  • Then the seventh graders wrote and sang a song to the second graders

Chocolate Bar
(Spider Man Theme)

Here’s a square
Chocolate bar
Eat this piece
Said the Wolf
Eat some more
And some more
Here’s a square
Chocolate bar
There are………………
Odd numbers hiding in squares.

Squares are cool
Cause they have
Odd numbers inside of them
Hey Sis
Do you want to see,
Something cool………...
Odd numbers hiding in squares