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Parallel Lines

A song based on the writing of second grade students. Students did the following:

  • students looked for parallel lines around the classtoom (tiles on the floor and ceiling; lines on the cupboard doors; wires on the guinea pig cage)
  • we considered the following puzzle and guessed at the colour of the bear
    • Molly steps out of her tent
    • She walks south 1 km
    • She walks west 1 km
    • She sees a bear, and gets scared
    • She runs north 1 km, arriving back at her tent
    • How is this possible?
    • And, what colour was the bear?
  • we read the story Do Parallel Lines Meet?
  • we explored the story and the puzzle by looking at lines on the globe
  • students drew pictures and wrote to describe what they learned
  • student writing was compiled to create the song below
  • Students met another second grade class in the library and sand their song together

Parallel lines

Paaaraaalleeell lines
Paaaraaalleeell lines

Tiles on the ceiling
Lines on the cupboard
Wires on the guinea pig cage

Paaaraaalleeell lines

Parallel lines
Never meet
But they meet, at the north pole

paaaraaalleeell lines

The world is a sphere
A 3D solid
The world is not flat like a circle

Paaaraaallell lines

Molly in her tent
How did she get back
She saw a bear, what colour was it?

Paaaraaalleeell lines

Molly went south
Then went west
Then went north, how did she get back?

Paaaraaalleeell lines

Parallel lines
in a triangle
At the north pole, is how she got back

Paaaraaalleeell lines

Paaaraaalleeell lines