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It's a Math World

Ensemble: Cowan Heights Elementary Grade 4 & 5 Choir

Cowan Heights Elementary is a K-6 elementary school with over 400 students.  It is located in the Eastern School District, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  This group of 120 students learned “It's A Math World” in conjunction with their 100th day of school activities and as part of their promotion of math in our everyday lives.  The song was written by Eastern School District personnel Susan Ryan and Susan Murray.  The students have enjoyed learning this song.  We hope you like it.

It's a Math World

Looking for patterns is a strategy
Solving problems is a part of me
From the tiles on the floor, to the quilt on my bed
Everywhere I go, I’ve got math in my head. 

It’s a math world, everywhere I look!
It’s a math world, not just in my book!
It’s a math world, come and see!
It’s a math world, for you and me!

C’est un monde des maths partout
C’est un monde des maths à vous
C’est un monde des maths viens voir
C’est un monde des maths à nous

There are all kinds of angles for you to know
And the world is full of angles, everywhere you go
Acute, obtuse, right and straight
In a world of measurement, they are first rate!

Data Management and Probability
Are used in sports continuously
Graphing scores high and low
Making predictions as we go!

Computing in your head is really smart
Pencils and computers also play a part
Mental math and estimation – part of our scene
Using them all keeps our minds real keen.