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Math will Rock You

I’m from patterning and staircases
I’m from high ceiling and low floor
I’m from answers, wonders and questions
I’m from a place of understanding

I’m from stair patterns and parallel lines
Combinations of x and y
I’m from plotting and graphing
And where math is easy and enjoyable

I’m from equations and unsolved questions
I’m from patterns and angles
I’m from parallel lines that meet at the Pole
I’m from X and Y and graphs

I’m from grade 2s that read us math stories
I’m from cool math riddles
That I share with my family
I think that’s really cool

I’m from odd numbers hiding in squares
Even numbers in rectangles
Different combinations make things change
And patterns arising on my page

Guess what! I’m from math
Where I learn in a cool way
From a place where you try your best
Guess what! I’m from math