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Dividing by Zero


An entity of non-entity

A null resulted from two balanced

Extre          m          ities

The                                                 absence

of anything and

e    v    e    r    y    t    h    i   n    g


The separation of a w h o l e

The unified dismemberment of

       u       n       i       t       y

An equal distribution

Division by zero



??? / ???

If there are ten apples for ten people

Each gets one

If there are no apples for ten people

Each gets none

If there are ten apples for no people

Each gets…




Wouldn’t you like to

Purchase commodities at zero cost?

But can you?

Is it possible?

Without cost,

it’s not a purchase.

A merchandise that has no cost

Cannot be bought

I can write about nothing

As I am writing

Can I write nothing?

If you divide by zero

Are you distributing anything?