Technological Education

The Technological Education Consoritum of Ontario (TECO)

The Technological Education Consortium of Ontario (TECO) is an education sector group comprising three faculties of education, four community colleges, and a number of local school boards that strongly support the continuation of Broad-based Technological Education teacher preparation programming in the Golden Horseshoe communities of Ontario and beyond to all corners of the province. The Consortium plans, designs, and delivers a new model of distributed technological education teacher preparation through the partner Faculties of Education with the support of school boards and community colleges in the local areas.

The TECO model of technological education teacher preparation establishes a collaborative consortium that will develop and offer technological teacher-candidates from business and industry multiple access points to technological education programming and resources across the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario and beyond. All aspects of the program will be negotiated, constructed and implemented cooperatively by the participating partners. A shared organizational structure will centralize practicum opportunities, and create efficiencies of scale and cooperation that ensure the efficient functioning of the program. TECO provides a vehicle for engaged and committed partners to have a voice in how technological education teachers are professionally trained and certified. The consortium will share teaching and learning resources, local expertise and placement and administrative responsibilities, in order to provide greater program access, flexibility and support for tradespeople and degree candidates with documented work experience in broad-based technology as potential technological education teacher candidates.

The Inter-Faculty Technological Education Council (ITEC)

Over the past twenty years technology has integrated itself rapidly in all areas of contemporary society from business and industry to health care and entertainment. As technology has spread throughout society and our dependence on technologists/technicians has grown so too has the role technological education is asked to play in the schools of tomorrow. The Inter-Faculty Technological Education Council (ITEC), with support from several universities, professional associations, and school boards,aims to transform the perception of technological education through connecting engaged practitioners. The ITEC website was designed as repositry of resources, including research materials, links to relevant information sources, and lists of participants.