Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my proposal?

Link to Symposium Website

What is required in the proposal?

An abstract (max 250 words) and a summary (max 75 words). The summary is for the symposium program. The website uses fillable fields, there is no need to submit attachments or completed papers for review. The abstract will summarize a paper, discuss the purpose, question, methodology, and results of a completed research project, or describe the aspects of work in progress to be discussed. Indicate your choice of paper, roundtable, poster, or “other” formats (please describe and list any technical requirements, e.g. documentary, performance, PhotoVoice, and panel discussions).

May I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, but acceptance will be based on scheduling logistics – we will make every effort to accommodate. Submitting a poster and a paper or a poster and a roundtable is a good combination because the poster session is separate from other sessions.

Where is the symposium held and what is the schedule for the day?

The symposium is held in rooms throughout the Faculty of Education. All presentation rooms are equipped with computers and projection screens. Some rooms are equipped with Skype connections for virtual presentations upon request.

Registration begins at 8:30 am and there will be morning and afternoon presentation sessions as well as a keynote address and faculty panel discussion. A light lunch will be served in the grad lounge. Posters will be displayed in the community room over lunch. A program outline will be posted on the symposium website once the schedule is finalized, and presenters will be notified via email of their presentation times.

I’m presenting at the symposium. Do I still need to register?

Yes, please follow the RSVP link on the website as it assists with our planning.

I’m not presenting. May I still attend?

Yes! Please use the RSVP link so we can plan to have enough food.

What are the expectations for a roundtable presentation?

A roundtable is the least formal presentation format, and is appropriate for getting feedback on work in progress (such as research proposals), although completed papers can be discussed in this forum too. Expect 10 – 20 minutes for sharing your work and discussion; the average is 15 min. and depends how many other people are presenting in the hour long session (typically 3 -4). You may wish to provide copies of an outline, or provide a slide with an outline. A moderator will keep time and facilitate discussion.

More information on Roundtables

What are the expectations for a paper presentation?

A "paper" presentation is actually a 15 minute talk using slides. The work discussed is typically well developed; based on a completed research project or paper with findings to report. However, exceptions such as a presentation on part of a larger scale study are also appropriate. A moderator will keep time. There is usually time for some audience questions; however, there is less opportunity for feedback than a roundtable discussion can afford.

More Presentation Resources

What are the expectations for a research poster?

Posters submitted to the symposium are eligible for free printing by the research office, provided they can be displayed at the faculty afterwards (posters may be presented at another conference before they are displayed at the faculty). You will be contacted to arrange for printing if your poster is accepted by the symposium. If you are transporting the poster to other conferences, it is recommended to buy a plastic poster tube (Mercury Printing in downtown London sells large tubes).

Posters will be displayed in the community room during the symposium and you will be expected to stand by your poster and answer questions about it over the lunch hour.

More information on how to create a poster