Admissions & Contacts

Admission Requirements

Admission to a program is granted by the Dean of the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies on the recommendation of the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, who shall be advised by the applicable Admissions Committee and other individuals as appropriate.

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How to Apply

Step by step instructions to get you started.

Please note that the application process will change in the next year. More information will be provided shortly.

Contact Information

General contact information.

International Students

International Students

At Western University, our heritage of excellence continues to draw exceptional faculty and graduate students from around the world. International students often choose to study at Western due to our internationally-renowned faculty members, world-class research facilities and infrastructure, excellent graduate-level funding, and the high calibre of our graduate programs.

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Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Student

Western's Faculty of Education is distinguished by its on-going commitment to Aboriginal Education. Aboriginal candidates who meet the minimum admission requirements will be given special consideration in the application process. Graduates include educators working at all levels from early childhood to post-secondary and in First Nations schools, as well as in the provincial school districts of Thames Valley and Toronto.

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