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Trigonometry Interactive

NEW!! See the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions interactive

Design goals

Trigonometry interactive and Exponential and Logarithmic Functions interactive

  • Graph mode
    • dynamic plotting of functions
    • allow for a two-way dynamic interaction between equations (sliders) and graph (handles on point)
  • Model mode
    • model dynamically the relationship between a model and a function
  • Match mode
    • practice manipulating the literal coefficients (sliders) or the graph (handles on point) to match a random graph
  • Videos
    • provide insight into the work of a mathematician
    • provide a mathematician's view of mathematical concepts
  • Annotations
    • allow users to annotate the interactive and save their annotations and the state of the interactive
    • allow users to share their annotations
    • provide a level of security by having users login using their email and providing a password

Graph Sketching interactive

  • coming soon ...

Inequalities interactive

  • coming soon ...

Rates of Change interactive

  • coming soon ...