Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Populism, post-truth and politics of division?
Responses for democracy from higher education

March 8, 1:00 to 2:30 pm

Faculty of Education, Room 1139


Liberal Western democracies are currently inundated with discourses of divisive politics, post-truth and the rise of populist movements. We are seeing striking and deeply concerning issues facing democracy in different political situations: discourses of anti-intellectualism and populism that reject science; alternative facts from post-truth media; talk of wall building and protection of national borders; protection of sovereign states; retracting of women's rights; threats to Indigenous communities with expansion of pipelines; expulsion of academics from universities under state of emergency orders. This list seems endless. The emergence of the Women's March and calls to boycott conferences and travel raise questions about what it means to act in solidarity. In an era where walls, borders, and executive orders mediate our relationships and activities, we ask, “what is the role of higher education to educate for democracy and engaged citizenship?” We’ve asked a panel of experts, activists and scholars for a short, rapid response (8 minutes) with time for generating discussion and interaction from the audience. Join us for a lively discussion on how higher education can respond to contemporary socio-political conditions.

RSVP to Dr. Melody  Viczko (mviczko@uwo.ca) to confirm numbers for coffee & goodies!

Rapid Panelists:
Rezvan Shahsavari Googhari
Faculty of Education, Western University
Dr. Ingrid Mattson
London & Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies, Faculty of Theology, Huron University College
Dr. James Compton
Information & Media Studies, Western University
Dr. Marianne Larsen
Faculty of Education, Western University
Dr. Allyson Larkin
Social Justice and Peace Studies, King’s University College
Dr. David Heap
Interfaculty Program in Linguistics & Département d'études françaises, Western University


Providing and Scaling Education in Zambia: technological solutions & a low-cost private school model

Inside the Global Educators’ Studio: a moderated Q&A

When: Thursday, 9 March, 11 am-12 pm

Where: Faculty of Education Building, Room 1139 (Community Room)

Visiting Speaker: Reshma Patel, Executive Direct, Impact Network, New York

Moderator: Prachi Srivastava, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Western


Can private providers innovate and expand access to quality schooling in poor countries at low cost? Should they? What do we mean by low cost?

Join us for an interactive Q&A on Impact Network’s low-cost private schooling model in Zambia. Hot off the heels of a lively debate at the World Bank on whether private providers can meet the needs of the poor in Africa, Reshma Patel, Executive Director of Impact Network, will face questions by Prof. Prachi Srivastava, Faculty of Education, Western, on its ‘eSchool 360’ model.

Impact Network operates 9 privately-managed schools in Zambia’s Eastern Province using its eSchool 360 model, a technology-based model that aims to deliver quality, low-cost, and sustainable education to children in under-served and rural areas. Tablets and projectors provided by the Zambian company, iSchool, are loaded with an active curriculum approved by the Zambian government. It plans to expand to 35 additional schools with a randomized controlled trial evaluation implemented by the American Institutes for Research.

Please contact Dr. Prachi Srivastava (prachi.srivastava@uwo.ca) for more information.

Past Events

Internationalization in Education: What's New?
Matt Bazley, Director & Carolyn Wilson, Program Coordinator
International Office, Faculty of Education
April 18, 11- 12 pm

At this session, Matt Bazley and Carolyn Wilson will provide a framework for how the work of the International Office intersects with the Faculty of Education, a summary of the international education initiatives and a discussion of the challenges and opportunities emerging from their work. We welcome everyone from the faculty to attend to learn about the International Office and possible opportunities for collaboration. There will be light refreshments and lively conversation.

Citizen-Girls: Using Participatory Methodologies with Youth
Dr. Leigh-Anne Ingram, UWO & Miranda Hersco, Student, UOIT
February 17, 2016   2:00 to 3:00 pm  FEB 1010

Youth are seldom able to direct the researcher’s gaze or control the camera’s lens. How can participatory visual research methodologies help us understand what young people are learning about their roles as citizens and civic agents? This short workshop will draw on a project in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that used a qualitative approach, combining interviews and photovoice, to explore messaging about their roles as girl-citizen-students in Canada.  Photovoice is a PAR methodology where participants are given cameras to document their lives and then write and discuss their images, revealing their own natural priorities and values (Mitchell & Allnutt, 2008; Cole & Knowles 2008; Prosser & Burke 2008; Wang & Baker 2006). This inquiry process drew on feminist political theories, Freireian approaches to community development, critical pedagogy and participatory media, allowing the research participants to explore messaging from families, schools and society about self, gender, citizenship and schooling.

This workshop will be co-facilitated by some of the youth who were participant-researchers in the larger Citizen-Girl study and will explore the benefits and limitations of using a collaborative, critical and visually-informed approach to scholarly inquiry that engages youth and attempts to revise power relations in traditional, positivist research. Please join us for this workshop and light refreshments.

Learning About Refugee Migration
November 25, 2015, 2:00 - 3:30 pm, Room 1010

Dr. Victoria Esses (Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations)
Dr. Isha DeCoito (Faculty of Education)
No One is Illegal London

Dr. Victoria Esses, Director, Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations, will talk about her research related to the role of the media in the dehumanization of immigrants.
Dr. Isha DeCoito, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education, will talk about her research about teaching mathematics and science to refugee students.
A speaker from No One is Illegal London will talk about legal challenges that refugees face in migration.

The Faculty of Education has committed to raising awareness and funds to support Western’s efforts to sponsoring a refugee family to Canada. Several activities have been planned and we encourage you to contribute individually to the sponsorship effort by donating online at: https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/9556 and selecting “Western Social Science Refugee Sponsorship” from the dropdown menu. By mentioning the Faculty of Education in the “message” section we will be able to specifically track our Faculty’s contribution.

English-Speaking cultures in Cuba: theoretical underpinnings, objectives, systems of knowledge, means, and methodology

November 16, 11 am - 12:00 pm
Dr. Manuel Velázquez (University of Holguin, Cuba)

Policy Advocacy for Democracy

Dr. Sue Winton, Lauren Jarvis & Michelle Milani, York University
October 21, 2015, 3:00 pm in the Community Room
Faculty of Education Building, Western University

Recent debates over Ontario’s revised Health and Physical Education (aka “sex ed”) curriculum and teachers’ contracts highlight the diverse range of policy actors in the province’s policy processes. While often messy, citizens’ engagement in these processes is necessary for democracy.  Drawing on their current research, Prof. Sue Winton, Lauren Jervis and Michelle Milani will present strategies policy actors use in efforts to influence policy decisions, public sentiment, and everyday practices.  Pointing to struggles over fundraising and special education policies as examples, the speakers will also demonstrate how and why social and historical contexts influence outcomes of advocacy efforts.

International Service Learning: Symposium

  • Friday, March 27, 2015

Visiting Scholar Professor Fazal Rizvi

Talk on International Partnerships: UWO and U of Holguin

The RICE (Research in International and Contemporary Education) Group is sponsoring a talk by Vilma Páez Pérez, University of Holguín (Cuba) professor, on the UWO-University of Holguín partnership agreement. Bring your lunch and learn all about the history, background and future plans for the long-standing partnership agreement between our two universities.

  • Thursday, Febryary 5, 2015
  • 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Room 1010, Faculty of Education

Book Discussion: The Beautiful Risk of Education

  • Monday, February 23, 2015 @1:30

One day summer symposium:
Teaching in international schools

  • July 2014 – day to be determined
  • Faculty of Education

Educating in trans-national/cultural contexts:
Working with, against and despite global ‘best practices’

  • Co-sponsored with the Comparative, International and Development Education Center (CIDEC) OISE/UT
  • April 25, 2014
  • Faculty of Education

Intercultural vs. Multicultural Education:
The End of Rivalries?

For more detailed information (e.g. Call for Papers) please click on the following link:

Postcolonial Approaches to Global Citizenship Education
Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Canada Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Chance, UBC

  • February 26, 2014.
  • Time and Place TBA

A Transformative Approach to global Service-Learning: Lessons Learned from the Field
Dr. Ricahrd Kiely, Director of Engaged Learning & Research, Cornell University

  • January 31, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Community Room (1138)

Rethinking Global Education for an Indigenist Anti-Colonial Perspective
Dr. George Dei, Department of Social Justice, OISE/UT

  • November 21, 2013 at 1:00 pm
  • Community Room (1138)

Dr. Marte Gullikson – Teacher Education in Norway

  • Co-sponsored with HIRG
  • Friday November 8, 2013 @1:30 in room 1010, Faculty of Education