Q. Two of my former classmates and I would like to nominate a teacher we had in grade three. Can we submit a joint nomination?
A. Yes. You can send one 750 word letter signed by all of you or, if you prefer, each of you may submit an individual letter explaining why that teacher was special to you personally. The choice is yours.

Q. I would like to nominate a teacher but I was not actually one of her former students. Is this allowed?
A. Yes. We will consider your nomination. Just make sure your letter explains why you are nominating this teacher, why this teacher was special in your life, and what qualities make your nominee a worthy candidate for the Teachers' Wall of Fame.

Q. The teacher I would like to nominate passed away recently. Is it OK to nominate him?
A. Yes. Posthumous nominations are acceptable. It would be helpful if your nomination letter included information about how to get in touch with a member of your nominee's family.

Q. In addition to my letter of nomination I would like to include a copy of a note my teacher wrote on one of my essays to illustrate why she was so very special. Is this acceptable?
A. Yes. The selection committee would be happy to consider supporting materials, within reasonable limits. However, we do encourage nominators to express the reasons for the nomination within the letter itself.

Q. How will I know if the teacher I nominated is being inducted into the Wall of Fame?
A. You will receive a letter informing you that the selection committee has chosen your nominee and you will be invited to the induction ceremony being held on World Teachers' Day. When you nominate a teacher, be sure to include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, if you have one.

Q. If my teacher is not selected this year, must I submit a new nomination next year?
A. No. This year's letter of nomination will be kept on file and considered again next year.

Q. I have another question. Where can I get an answer?
A. For further information, please email tfawdry@uwo.ca.