1897 - Western appeals to the Ontario government to allow Western Arts grads to teach high school. The province denies the request and leaves high school teacher training with the University of Toronto

1918 - Summer school programs introduced aimed at practicing teachers who look to upgrade qualifications and earn a degree

1919 - Western receives provincial recognition allowing Western Arts graduates to be granted teaching certificates. This leads to Western being recognized as a degree granting institution for future teachers

1921 - University of Toronto establishes Ontario College of Education where university graduates could study for teacher certification. OCE remains the only destination for high school teacher qualification for 33 years

1954 - with the growing post-war population and the shortage of teachers, university graduates allowed to enroll in two consecutive summer interim certification programs at OCE, Queen's or Western. Elementary teachers continue to attend London Normal School, and later London Teacher's College, without the requirement of a university degree

1965 - The provincial Department of Education opens two new teacher training colleges in Ontario, one in Kingston and the other in London - Althouse College named after John George Althouse. Founding Dean W.S. Turner recruits teachers and inspectors from the London elementary school system and throughout the province to be founding faculty members. Partnerships formed with school boards for the college students' practice teaching sessions

Dr. John G. Althouse

1969 - Final year of the summer qualification program

1970 - 800 students chosen from 1500 applicants. Planning begins for programs aimed at practicing teachers who wish to upgrade qualifications and for those interested in graduate studies

1970-71 - Western Senate approves the granting of Diploma in Education

1973 - Ontario Ministry of Education London Teachers' College (located at Elborn College) joins with Althouse to become the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario. All new teachers now required to have a university degree

1975 - First University of Western Ontario Bachelor of Education degree awarded

1976 - First Masters of Education awarded

1979 - The Faculty offers its first Additional Qualifications course to teachers

1998 - First on-line Additional Qualifications course offered

1999 - First PhD awarded

2013 - Professional Graduate Programs offered