Fast Facts

  • Western's Faculty of Education, one of the largest in the province, has been accepting teacher candidates into its Bachelor of Education programs since 1973. Over 400 teacher candidates begin the two year program each year.
  • Our graduate program continues to grow with more than 350 full time and part time Master of Education and PhD graduate students currently enrolled
  • We offer continuing education to in service teachers looking for Additional Qualifications in their profession. Western was the first faculty of education to offer on-line instruction. Students enroll to take courses not only in their home towns in Ontario but throughout the world.
  • The Faculty includes two renowned research centres: the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education and the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children. Both have important ties to the community and its many agencies.
  • The Faculty has more than 32,000 alumni including Honorary Alumni from London Teachers' College and London Normal School.
  • Our faculty members include world renowned scholars in the areas of multilingualism, international education, Aboriginal education, curriculum studies, gender studies and educational psychology.
  • The Althouse Press is the Faculty's award winning publishing house. The Press produces books, educational publications and major critiques of official policy.