Student Expectations

Our instructors play a key part in helping us to meet and exceed our students' expectations. We take great pride in making the student experience as positive as possible from beginning to end by ensuring:

Student Experience Life Cycle

  1. Our recruitment efforts are friendly and responsive
    We have a dedicated recruitment officer to lead our intake activities.
  2. Our programs are designed with quality in mind - both in terms of content and instruction
    Resources such as this Instructor Success website help support instructors so they can deliver great courses. Our Program Offices provide unparalleled support for our instructors and students.
  3. Our alumni continue to feel part of our community
    Our Communications Officer and Alumni Development Officer build on our relationships with our students and continue the conversation.

Western Education is ambitious, innovative, and dedicated to creating quality programs that deliver the best possible academic and student experience! We believe in the power of education, which is why we are always on the lookout for the best technologies, research, and practices to ensure our students shine in their research and professional lives.

Our students tell us they get the most out of courses that:

  • Are academically challenging for their learning level
  • Are clearly organized and run smoothly, onsite or online
  • Engage and generate rousing discussion and collaboration
  • Offer multiple ways to engage course content

We do our very best to meet and exceed these expectations while challenging students to develop the critical skills they need to succeed in professional and higher-educational settings.

Important Information and Guidelines

Please read and review the information below: