Activating Your Email

If you are new to Western you will need to activate your Western ID in order to receive Western email, and to access our employee portals and Learning Management System, OWL. Human Resources and Western ITS will send new employees an email with an activation link, usually within 5-10 business days of their start date.

Email Activation Process

Once active, your username and password credentials can be used to enter a number of password-protected areas, including email, Western’s Learning Management System (OWL), and HR portals such as my HR, Western Financials, and more.

What if I need access right away?

Some of our online instructors need access to OWL right away to learn the tools and develop their courses. If you find yourself in this position, our instructional designers can give you access to your OWL course site prior to activating your Western account. This way, you can orient yourself with the platform and build your course site while you wait for your activation email and Western ID. 

Need help with this topic?

If you run into problems activating your Western ID and setting up your email account, or if you have not received the activation email before the start of the academic term in which you are teaching, please contact the ITS Help Desk directly at 519-661-3800 or extension 83800 from on campus.