Our Design Process

We are always refining the way we design and deliver our courses based on feedback from our instructors and students. While each program and delivery method (onsite, online) require specific considerations we have found that, overall, the design and delivery process is fairly consistent: plan, build, and improve.
Our Design Process


In the Plan phase the instructor pulls together the academics (skills, objectives, materials, activities, etc.), technology tools, and the resources (readings, guest speakers, equipment, teaching aids, etc.). The result of this phase is a syllabus and a technology and resources strategy.
Online instructors are strongly encouraged to connect with one of our instructional designers for elearning recommendations at this point.


In the Build phase the instructor puts the plans (syllabus and technology/resources strategy) into action, creating the pieces needed (schedule, lessons, assignments, and media) to run the course. For online instructors, a major activity is setting up the course site on our Learning Management System (OWL) and filling it with the content created in this phase.
Instructional designers play a key role in helping instructors create and troubleshoot their course design prior to the first day of class.


In the Improve phase the instructor evaluates what is working in their course, addresses any immediate concerns (technology problems, student engagement, etc.), and improves the course based on student needs, self-reflection, or comfort with technology. Simply asking for student feedback regarding what they enjoyed doing in your course and what needs improvement can go a long way in developing strategies for continuous improvement and future success.
For suggestions regarding this continuous improvement process contact your instructional designer.