Student Donation Fund

Student Donation Fund

The Student Donation Fund began as an initiative of the Faculty of Education Students' Council.

Its purpose is to provide funds to support initiatives and events for the Teacher Candidates enrolled in the Bachelor of Education/Diploma in Technology programs. The donation allocations are recommended by the students'council on the basis of its mandates and goals, as well as on the perceived needs of the student body and Faculty.

Over the past few years, the donation (of $30 per student) has been used for a number of exciting events and important activities. These have included:

awardAward Endowments
Each year an awards ceremony is held to honour top achieving students and instructors. Student council has contributed funds to awards that recognize excellence in teaching in the Bachelor of Education program.

PalasadMid-Practicum Social Gathering
Each year there are two mid-practicum socials held by student council. The purpose of these socials is to invite students and faculty to discuss their practicum experiences and to seek advice as students transition into the field. Last year the socials were held at the Palasad Bowling Alley.

Creative FoundationsPublication of the Faculty of Education's Literary and Creative Arts Magazine
The Literary Magazine Committee was set in place to collect arts and literature produced by the Teacher Candidates at the Faculty of Education. The publication serves as a record of student talent and as a memory of its achievements. In past years, student council has presented the magazine as a gift to the student body.

transportationSafe Transportation to Grad Formal
Graduation formal is an annual event. It is hosted by student council at an outside venue in the city of London, and all students and faculty are invited to attend. Offering transportation from the Faculty of Education building to the event is an important opportunity to complement the event and ensure a safe evening for all in attendance.

flower arrangementArrangements at Graduate Award Luncheon
At the Spring Convocation, a luncheon is held to honour award recipients. Faculty, staff, donors, award recipients and their guests are invited to attend this event. Each year the Fund provides flowers at this distinguished event.

theatreBuilding Upgrades
The Teacher Candidates use the campus facilities for their curricular and co-curricular activities. Student council may choose to contribute financially to maintain and upgrade parts of the building that students often use. Last year students made a contribution to upgrading the theatre to support their dramatic production.

Without the Student Council Donation Fund, these initiatives would not have been possible. The Student Council sincerely thanks students for their donations, which support and enrich the student community in the Faculty of Education.

Students may opt out of the donation via an electronic form. Opting out is only available in September of the student's intake year. Students will receive a credit to their tuition account for the donation. If the student's tuition account is paid in full the student will receive a cheque.