Your Western ID

Your Western ID

If you are new to Western, you will need to activate your Western ID in order to receive Western email, and to access our Learning Management System, OWL. Once active, your Western ID also provides you access to helpful resources including the Student Central and Career Services portals.

You will receive an email with an activation link usually within 5-10 business days of your first day.

Uses For Your Western ID

Learning Management System

Western's Learning Management System, OWL, is used for online learning and course management.

Student Central

You can use Student Central to update personal information, access course timetables, view grades, and perform other administrative activities.

Western Email

Western's email is powered by Microsoft Office. Use the link above and your Western ID to access your email.

Career Central

Western offers career counselling and job postings for students. Use the link above and your Western ID to access Career Central.

Western Libraries

Western Libraries offer numerous online resources and academic journals accessible via your Western ID.

How To Obtain Your Western Access Code

  1. Navigate to

    Choose PIN link options.
  2. Click the Applicants please click here link.
  3. Enter your OUAC number, Student Number, and Birthday in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. Write down your access code that appears on the screen.

If you have issues obtaining your access code, contact Student Central at 519-661-2100 Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm EST.

How to Activate Your Western Identity

Once you have your student number and PIN number, do the following:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your Western Student Number and Access Code in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. Read and Accept the UWO/ITS Acceptable Use Agreement.
    On the next screen, you are presented with a one-time temporary password that is displayed for 60 seconds.

    Temporary password displayed on the screen.
  5. Make note of the password provided on the screen either by writing it down or copying it into Microsoft Notepad.
  6. Click the Log In button.
  7. Enter the one-time temporary password you received on the previous screen.
  8. Click the Log In button.
    On the next screen, you are present with an Error message indicating your one-time temporary password has expired.

    Password Expiration Error
  9. Enter a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. Western's password policy can be found here.
  10. Click the Change Password button.
  11. Choose at least three challenge response questions and record your answers in the Answer column.

    Choosing three challenge questions
  12. Click the Save button.
    Your Western ID is now activated and will be available within 60 minutes.
  13. Click the Logout button in the top-right corner of the Western Identity Manager screen.
  14. Close the browser window.