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Professor Wayne MartinoProfessor Wayne Martino

Gender, equity and social justice

My areas of research include gender issues in education; adolescent boys' and girls' perspectives on gender, curriculum participation and school; boys' education; masculinities and schooling; male teachers and male teacher shortage in schools; feminist, queer and critical pedagogies; boys and literacy; bullying and safe schools; anti-racist and anti-oppressive education; addressing homophobia in schools; documenting the perspectives of minority students and teachers in schools; queer, feminist and postcolonial theories in education; gender reform in schools; the impact of single sex schooling; boys' under-achievement in schools; qualitative studies in education.

I have conducted major research projects which document the perspectives of principals, teachers, students and parents on gender and pedagogical reform initiatives in schools. For more on this, go to:

I am currently working on a SSHRC funded research project with Goli Rezai-Rashti on the influence of male elementary school teachers as role models.


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Other Publications:

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