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Catharine Dishke HondzelCatharine Dishke Hondzel
Ph.D. Candidate

Educational Psychology

My research and teaching experiences are centred primarily in the domains psychology and education.

Within this diverse field, I am primarily interested in teachers’ perceptions of creativity and the role of school environments in fostering or suppressing creativity. Creativity in this sense is expressed through technical thinking, ingenuity, critical thinking, and problem-solving in regular students. This research is informed by my work with the Human Ingenuity Research Project, a multidisciplinary, collaborative group of faculty and graduate students that I help coordinate along with my supervisor Ron Hansen. We have recently completed an investigation of the cross-cultural determinants of creativity in Canada and Norway.

In addition to the Research Group, I am also helping to lead an investigation of the factors that contribute to apprenticeship retention and completion in Ontario. This intervention has received funding from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and is expected to be complete in 2014.

My academic interests include experiential learning, organizational behaviour, personality psychology, and health and well-being as related to community development, employment, and social problems.

My supervisor is Ron Hansen, Ph.D.

My full CV can be found here.