Researcher Spotlight
Adrienne Sauder Adrienne Sauder

Adrienne Sauder

Gifted Education

I am a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education, where my research is situated in the field of gifted education. Prior to coming to Western, I earned a Masters of Education (Brock 2009) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (McMaster 1998).

My research interests include exploring the lived experience of gifted individuals and any subsequent changes in gifted identity across the lifespan, and the influence that major academic transitions have on their perceptions of themselves as gifted. I am very interested in post-secondary school transitions (both undergraduate and graduate) and the lived experience of that transition. My dissertation looks at gifted individuals’ beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions surrounding learning as they transition from the K-12 system into a post-secondary degree.

A secondary research interest of mine involves tattoos and body art, particularly the stories surrounding tattoos, societal stigma, and the perception of tattoos in education.

My research is supported in part by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

My supervisor is Dr. Alan Edmunds.