Faculty of Education

Ethics Review

All research with human participants conducted by faculty, staff and students must be approved by a Western University Research Ethics Board before the research begins.

The Faculty of Education no longer has a Sub-Research Ethics Board.  Please see the attached memo for details.

Ethics Applications: All applications for ethics approval for research with human participants must be submitted online through ROMEO (generally using the Non-Medical form) for consideration by the Non-Medical Research Ethics Board (NMREB).  As each new application is received by the NMREB, it will be assessed for level of risk and designated for delegated review (minimal risk) or for review by the Full Board. Any application that is set for delegated review will be reviewed by at least one member from the Faculty of Education.

The Office of Research Ethics has resources to help with ROMEO submissions. If you require assistance with ROMEO please contact the Romeo helpdesk at ext. 83059 or 519-661-3059 or email ethics-romeo@uwo.ca

Revisions to Approved Ethics Proposals: All revisions to ongoing studies must be sent to the Office of Research Ethics through ROMEO. (All ongoing Ethics files from the Faculty of Education have been transferred over to the Office of Research Ethics.)

Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) and London District Catholic School Board Research (LDCSB):  For research at the LDCSB or the TVDSB obtain ethics approval from Western first.  Once you have approval from Western’s Office of Research Ethics please send the ethics approval, ROMEO form and attachments ((you can get a word document off of the system), and the School Board Form (will continue to be available from our web site, http://www.edu.uwo.ca/research/ethics.html ) to the school board. 

TVDSB - Contact Manager, Research, Assessment & Accountability, Steve Killip

LDCSB - Contact Research & Evaluation Officer, Terry Spencer


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