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Volume 1, Issue 3 - Spring 2013

Ph.D. student Adrienne Vanthuyne and Dr. Julie Byrd Clark present research findings at at the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics.


Sharing Our Research

As the current teaching year winds down, the research work for many faculty members begins in earnest. Writing up the results of research projects and presenting the findings at conferences, professional meetings, and publishing in peer-reviewed journals are just some of the ways that we share what we do and what we have learned.

“Knowledge mobilization is what we do to bring research to practice, to share findings and ideas with others in the service of education to make a difference in schools and the lives of children, families and their communities,” explains Dr. Susan Rodger, Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Education.

There are a number of national and international conferences that our faculty and graduate student researchers attend at this time of year, including the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference, which was held in San Francisco in April, and the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) annual conference, which was held in Victoria, BC, in June.

Rodger describes AERA as “one of the most important forums on the research calendar. This conference brought together over 15,000 leaders, researchers, and educators.” Western’s Faculty of Education was well represented by both faculty and graduate students.

“As I sat in on these presentations by our own team of top-notch researchers, I was struck by how each of them is making a difference in our field, and ultimately, in the lives of children and youth through their work both in, and with, our schools and school systems. It was an incredible experience to witness each one of our dedicated research colleagues share their findings and promote rich and fruitful discussions of incredibly important issues” Rodger reflected.

Elsewhere, Doctoral student Aruba Mahmud presented Beards, Burqas, and Bigotry: Examining the News Media's Coverage of Muslims and Islam at the Critical Media Literacy Conference in Illinois in April. She also led an interactive workshop at the Ministry of Education Forum held in Toronto in May, entitled “From the Newsroom to the Classroom: Challenging Islamophobia through News Media Literacy.”

She sums up her experience: “both conferences offered great feedback. The Ministry Forum in particular was excellent as it allowed participants to network with each other and I met several Ministry employees.”

Faculty of Education research and collaboration also extend beyond North America.

Dr. Carol Beynon and Dr. Liliya Nafikova travelled to Exeter, England, in April for the Research in Music Education Conference where they presented their research findings on using music education to improve social activities in visually impaired primary school children. Beynon and colleagues (pictured right) also presented Shifting landscapes within learning communities: Towards a pedagogy of interruption for music?

Dr. Peter Jaffe presented the keynote address on paternal filicide, the deliberate killing of a son or daughter by a parent, in the context of domestic violence, at the Addressing Filicide: Inaugural International Conference for Cross National Dialogue in Florence, Italy, in May.

In June, Dr. Wayne Martino travelled to Malaysia for the International Conference on Teachers and School Administrators: Demand-Supply and Monitoring Policies. Martino presented Gender Preference: Male Teacher Shortage and How it is Being Addressed in Canada and participated in a panel discussion on the recruitment and training of teachers.

For more information about Faculty of Education research presentations, please see Researchers in the Community in this issue. Closer to home, you can plan to attend a presentation in the “Let’s Talk About Education” Speaker Series  that will resume this fall.   

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Thank you to the following researchers for providing photos from recent conferences.

Dr. Carol Beynon (Education), Dean Betty Anne Younker & Dr. Ruth Wright (Don Wright Faculty of Music) at the Research in Music Education Conference in Exeter, UK


Dr. Marianne Larsen giving the Presidential Address, The (Im)possibilities of Courageous Creativity in Comparative and International Education Research, at the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada (CIESC)


Ph.D. students Wendy Crocker and Xiaoxiao Du present at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education's annual conference.


M.Ed. students Martha Mavor, Leah Payerl, Dr. George Gadanidis and Iain Brody (M.Ed. student) at the Canadian Mathematics Study Group Conference.

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