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Western Education’s two-year Bachelor of Education program provides a solid foundation in the academic, professional, and practical skills you need to be a successful teacher and leader. Build capability and confidence in the fundamentals of teaching excellence and acquire proficiency in your new skills during placement periods. Then, get your career started with assistance from our many job search support services.

Develop the habits of mind, hand, and heart that define passionate teachers and leaders in education—at a university that consistently offers one of Canada’s best student experiences.


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A Bachelor of Education from Western University gives you one of Canada's most recognized degrees in Education and beyond. Our graduates go on to work in diverse fields. National and international employers recognize the knowledge, competence and skills that Western Education students can offer. Here are just some of the areas in which our graduates are employed.

  • Classroom Teacher
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Post-Secondary Instructor
  • Adult and International Education
  • Education and Law
  • Corporate Training
  • Youth and Social Services
  • Provincial and Federal Government
  • more...

Call us to discuss your career path today and which program stream might be right for you.

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Our Bachelor of Education program gives students three stream options: primary-junior, junior-intermediate, and intermediate-senior. Upon applying for the program, students select one of these streams to select the specialization they prefer. This choice is usually a matter of deciding the age group you’re most interested in teaching. Primary-Junior education builds skills for teaching young students in kindergarten to grade 6. Junior-Intermediate prepares candidates to teach students in grade 4 to 10. Intermediate-Senior focuses on teaching grades 7 to 12.

Each stream offers further specialization in the form of a cohort course in an area of interest to you. For students wishing to apply for the Master of Education program, the cohort portion can be used as credit for applying to the Master of Education programs.

Primary-Junior Education

Your program features Curriculum and Pedagogy courses in the core elementary curriculum areas designed to equip you with skills to deliver education effectively to young students in junior kindergarten to grade 6. For those intending to teach in French immersion schools, select the French option when you apply and ensure you meet the French admission standard.

Junior-Intermediate Ed.

Your program features Curriculum and Pedagogy courses in the core elementary curriculum areas and prepares you to impart education to students in grades 4 to 10.

Intermediate-Senior Ed.

You will complete courses dedicated to Curriculum and Pedagogy in your teaching subject areas as well as additional co-curricular courses. Your training will focus on teaching students in grades 7 to 12.

The Bachelor of Education program has changed from a one year, full-time, on site program to a two year, full-time, on site program. This new structure provides students with more time to learn, apply and hone the basic and advanced theory and skills both in the classroom and in the real world during practicum terms. As a result, students will have a robust toolkit of skills and experience to demonstrate to employers. Click the button to learn more about the practicum portion.

Even though we have changed the length of our program we have not made any adjustments to our admission requirements. We are looking for bright, well-rounded students with a passion for teaching and education. Please review the general admission requirements as well as those related to your specific program stream of interest. You are also invited to join us at one of our many Information Sessions.

The yearly tuition for students entering the two-year program will be similar to the existing tuition. The only difference is that the tuition amount will be paid in each of the two years of the program. The exact yearly tuition amount is decided by the University and will be published in July 2015.

Full-Time Fees 2014

(Please note that tuition amounts for students starting in 2015 will be slightly different than shown since tuition amounts are set yearly by the University)

Canadian or Permanent Resident: $9070.93 per year of study

International Students: $25,851.93 per year of study

Learn more about fees by clicking on the ‘learn more’ button.

Learn More

1. Scholarships

There are a number of scholarship opportunities that reward academic and experience-based excellence. Check the list and discover how to apply here.

2. OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)

Ontario student funding is available to Ontario residents that meet the criteria for enrolment. Learn more about this avenue of funding by clicking to the Registrar’s Office here.

Applying to our program is easy. Click on the ‘how to apply’ button and follow the steps to submit your application for review. We look forward to seeing your unique qualities and how we might work together to help you achieve teaching excellence and succeed on your path to success.

How To Apply

If you’re already a student in the Bachelor of Education program you are well on your way to building the skills you need to reach your goals in education. Here are the links you need to access important information and resources to maximize your experience throughout your program

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