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The Faculty of Education enables graduates in the area of Education to sharpen the effectiveness of their critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills for success in academic research and the workplace. Through studying relevant curriculum with world-renowned researchers and expert practitioners, our students gain the capacity to make valuable contributions to the field of education—and to the lives of others.

When you enroll in a graduate program in education at Western, you take charge of your future! Continue your learning journey with us today by exploring our programs, built for flexible study and meaningful educational experiences.

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We have a diverse suite of onsite and online program offerings that reflect our research expertise and many of today's major themes in education.

Choose from four graduate programs and explore their many "fields" of study that allow you to build expertise in the area of most value to you while earning a well-recognized graduate degree.

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Our graduate programs are full time and typically range in length from two to four years.

  • The Doctor of Education (EdD) is a three year, fully online program
  • The Master of Professional Education (MPEd) is a two year, online program (excluding TESOL and Aboriginal Leadership fields)
  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is onsite for four years
  • The Master of Arts (MA) program is onsite for two years

If you would like to continue working full-time while earning your degree, consider the Doctor of Education (EdD) and Master of Professional Education (MPEd) degrees, delivered online to working professionals. For those wishing to study onsite in a research-focused, academic setting, consider the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or the Master of Arts (MA) degrees.

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We look for bright, well-rounded students from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for education. We seek to fill our programs with ambitious professionals from Ontario, Canada, and beyond to ensure our classes have different perspectives, ideas, and approaches. This creates the best environment for learning and creative problem-solving.

Quick Tip: To start, see these general admission information sections as they relate to you. Then, ensure you meet all admission requirements (for the program and your field of interest) by clicking the "see all programs" button above and then the "details" button next to your preferred field.

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Each year the University sets the tuition amounts for the Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, and Spring/Summer terms. The rates fluctuate slightly from year to year and from semester to semester. To learn more about this process and to see a full list of tuition rates, please click on the button below.

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To help offset the cost of your degree there are a number of scholarship opportunities available to our students. We are happy to assist you with understanding these opportunities; however, since each scholarship is unique in both its qualification criteria, application process, and deadlines, we let students take responsibility for submitting paperwork by the indicated deadlines.


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), a government student loan program to help students fund academic advancement, is also available to eligible students. To find out if you qualify and to learn more about this funding option, please click on the button below for detailed information on the Registrar's website.


We're excited you're ready to apply for one of our graduate programs and look forward to learning more about you! Simply click the "how to apply" button and follow the steps. If you need clarification, please contact us.

Our programs are competitive and for this reason it's best to submit early to ensure your application is reviewed as soon as possible. We can't wait to see what unique qualities, experiences, and ideas you could add to our learning community.

How to Apply

We designed this section for you as an easy reference to your best resources and sites. Get familiar with the faculty and university supports that are in place to help you succeed on your academic journey.

For those students who started prior to 2015, please click here.