Art Education and the Preservice Program

Western?s Faculty of Education prepares art specialists for elementary and secondary employment in greater numbers than other faculties of education in Ontario. The Faculty also provides more hours of instruction in art education for teacher candidates through the introduction of two co-curricular courses The Classroom and Art Studio and Historical and Cultural Studies in Art Education. All preservice art education courses combine studio activities with readings and assignments that focus on curriculum and instruction.

Preservice courses offered:

Art Education and Continuing Teacher Education / Additional Qualifications

Western?s Faculty of Education offers the complete series of Additional Qualifications and Additional Basic Qualifications courses in Visual Arts. Offered online, these courses provide opportunities for elementary and secondary teachers to extend their knowledge of trends in contemporary art curricula and develop their expertise in the areas of instruction and evaluation. Students are encouraged to engage in studio activities and research assignments that correspond with their professional practice.

Art Education and the Graduate Program

In September, 2008, the University of Western Ontario became the fifth university in Canada to offer graduate studies in art education along with Concordia University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, and Simon Fraser University.

Although still in a formative stage, graduate studies in art education at the University of Western Ontario have already become distinguished by providing the first on-line program for art teachers in Canada. Prior to 2008, graduate studies in art education were only available in Montreal, Victoria, or Vancouver, making accessibility an issue for teachers who lived in other municipalities, single-parent households, or were physically challenged. Western can be justifiably proud of its decision to make graduate studies in art education accessible to all Canadian teachers whether they live in Whitehorse, Goose Bay, Edmonton, or Toronto.

Graduate Art courses offered:

Beatrix Bocazar
The Alchemists, 2009
Tempera on plywood
68 x 100 cm